Morrissey urges US fans not to vote for Donald Trump during headline set at LA’s FYF Fest

Singer also made comment on police brutality on second day of US festival

Morrissey headlined the final day of FYF Fest in Los Angeles on Sunday (August 23), taking the opportunity to comment on police brutality and Donald Trump’s bid to be the next president of America.

The singer’s set started with The Smiths’ 1986 single ‘The Queen Is Dead’ before moving into ‘Suedehead’, taken from his 1988 debut solo album ‘Viva Hate’.

“Thank you for having the cojones for standing here so long,” said Morrissey as he took a moment to greet the audience.


During the song ‘Ganglord,’ a b-side to the 2006 ‘The Youngest Was the Most Loved’, vivid footage of police brutality, beatings and mistreatment were displayed across the big screens surrounding the stage. A few images became too graphic for some fans as many needed to turn and look away from the screen. However, Morrissey did not take the opportunity to address the issue of police brutality directly.

A female fan attempted to get on the stage as he played ‘Alma Matters’ and got as far as wrapping her arms around the singer. “No, ugh, ugh,” said Morrissey as security guards rushed to remove the fan from his side.

NMEBen Bentley/NME

Later in the set he abruptly paused the intro to his 2009 track, ‘I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris’ to engage with the front row security guards that doubled in numbers following the fan incident. “It’s like I’m singing to security. Hello security. Really so much security? What’s going to happen, did somebody sneeze? Why so much security, why so much? Can at least 50 of you go away please?”

Appearing frustrated, Morrissey stopped and told the audience, “You know, there are some times the dying come alive and others the alive are dying, you can make the choice.”

Later in the set, Morrissey took a moment with his audience to comment on the 2016 Presidential election occurring in the US and about one candidate in particular. “I have a question for you, are you ready for President Trump?” he asked. “Please I beg you, don’t.” He then returned to his set with ‘I Will See You In Far Off Places.’

Morrissey closed the 90-minute set by thanking the audience and saying, “Thank you for listening and if you happen to have a god, may he or she bless you.” He ended the gig with a rendition of The Smiths’ 1985 single ‘What She Said.’


Morrissey played:

‘The Queen is Dead’
‘Alma Matters’
‘Kiss Me A Lot’
‘Staircase At The University’
‘World Peace Is None Of
Your Business’
‘I’m Throwing My Arms
Around Paris’
‘First Of The Gang To
‘The Bullfighter Dies’
‘Meat Is Murder’
‘Now My Heart Is Full’
‘I Will See You In Far
Off Places’
‘What She Said’

Earlier in the day, Lorde joined Flume onstage and made an impromptu cameo during his remix of her hit ‘Tennis Court’.

Meanwhile, Kanye West headlined the first day of FYF Fest on Saturday (August 22) and was joined by Rihanna during ‘All Of The Lights’ and ‘FourFiveSeconds’.

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