Morrissey says working with Harvest Records ‘almost killed’ him

He also commented on the state of music charts in 2016

Morrissey has said working with Harvest Records “almost killed” him.

The musician signed to the label in 2014 and left within 12 months of signing the deal. He also requested they remove his ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ album from sale.

Speaking to, he said: ​I couldn’t go through a Harvest Records situation again — they almost killed me, and probably regret that they didn’t.

“I find that if you are a genuine artist in 2016 you must look after yourself, but if you are trivial and fluffy then a label will hype you and help you and buy Paid Content space on online news pages to make you appear important. I paddle my own canoe.”

Morrissey also commented on the state of music charts in 2016, blaming streaming and downloading for what he views as “meaningless” charts.

Talking about why a reissue of ‘The Queen Is Dead‘ wasn’t released for the record’s 30th anniversary, he said: “People still want to go into shops to buy LPs and even 7-inch discs, but it doesn’t suit the labels whereas streaming does… and consequently music bought with no effort has resulted in meaningless music charts.”