Morrissey says he’s already written the “follow-up” to new album ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers’

The former Smiths frontman also shared his views on social media criticism levelled against people like J.K. Rowling

Morrissey has confirmed that he’s already written the follow-up to his forthcoming new album ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers’.

Earlier this month, the former Smiths frontman revealed that his 14th solo album, ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers’, will no longer be released in February of 2023, adding that its fate is “exclusively in the hands” of Capitol Records (Los Angeles). NME has since reached out to Capitol Records for comment.

The follow-up to 2020’s ‘I Am Not A Dog On A Chain’, was announced back in May of 2021, with the singer describing it as “the best album of [his] life”.


Now, speaking in a new filmed interview at the London Palladium during his UK tour last month, Morrissey said that he has also written the album that will follow the next release.

Asked whether he was working on anything else besides the new record, the artist replied: “We have written the follow-up album, and that will be recorded soon, but it won’t be released soon, because ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers’ must have a chance to breathe and blow and so forth. But it will be recorded soon.”

You can watch the full interview below.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Morrissey spoke about his aversion to the word “diversity”.

Speaking about the pressure on artists to achieve success with record labels, he described them as “bloodless”, adding that they will “get rid of you if you say anything that they don’t agree with”.


He continued: “Now they talk about, ‘Oh, we must have diversity’. Diversity is people that you don’t know. It’s just another word for conformity, it’s the new way of saying conformity.

“We don’t see anything diverse anywhere, it’s all conformity.”

He added that people don’t think about “the great things that we don’t have in common”, and that now people want everything to be “the same”.

“It doesn’t mean ‘avant-garde’, or let’s make ‘really interesting, strange art’. It means box everybody. Diversity, I think, is a dreadful word. Pin it to anything, and that situation is finished.”

The musician went on the speak about social media, where he said users have the chance to “review everything and destroy people”, citing author Germaine Greer and J.K. Rowling as examples, who have both been criticised for holding transphobic views.

“We all get together, and try and get rid of these people and don’t stop harping on about how dangerous they are. It’s pretty lethal, and I think there will be a way to control it eventually, but nobody knows how, yet.”

Elsewhere, this weekend (November 26), Morrissey shared ‘Rebels Without Applause’, his first new single in three years.

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