Morrissey has cancelled all his upcoming UK and European shows

The decision was confirmed via his official promoter on Twitter amid social media speculation all afternoon

Morrissey has postponed all dates on his upcoming UK and European tour.

A statement via Gigs and Tours confirmed the news today (June 29), citing “logistical circumstances beyond our control” for the cancellation.

It added: “The UK/European Morrissey concerts scheduled for July will be postponed.”


“We deeply regret any inconvenience to the fans and promise to reschedule UK and European dates as soon as possible.”

Earlier in the day, former Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam speculated that the gigs may be cancelled. Haslam was organising a protest party to coincide with the former Smiths frontman’s shows in Manchester.

The event, “One Nation Under A Groove” was planned after Morrissey recently criticised the “shocking treatment” of the E.D.L Leader Tommy Robinson after he was jailed for Contempt of Court.

This afternoon, Haslam posted on his Twitter account that he was “hearing amazing rumours about the Morrissey gigs in Manchester.”


He added, “If true, we will be offering 2-4-1 cocktails at our ‘One Nation Under a Groove’ event to anyone with an used/unusable Morrissey ticket #VivaLove.”

Fans quickly seized on the rumours, speculating that Morrissey was cancelling the gigs in response to the protest party, to be held at Manchester’s Revolution Bar on Deansgate Locks, just a short distance away from where Morrissey’s gigs were to be held.

Earlier today, a statement was released on Morrissey’s Facebook page in response to the protest gig via Deckstar Management’s Peter Katsis. The statement criticised Haslam and journalists covering the developing story.

It read: “‘Former Morrissey fans’” have not organized anything. That “Has-Been Haslam” character was never a Morrissey fan.”

“And his agenda, stated as using music to spread peace, could not be any further from the truth. He is simply using the situation to gain some much needed attention to himself. Apparently his golden years have not been kind.”

“If he really wanted to make a political statement he would make one about the Politicians. But no, that is not what he wants here. He is using this platform for his own agenda. At the end of the day, bullshit is bullshit.”

“We are in the business of creating music and performing music. We are actually not in the business of politics, or bullshit…”

The statement was met with delight by Haslam, who declared it an “absolute result” on Twitter. He added: “Morrissey’s management team issue a statement name-calling me – they are clearly rattled by the ‘Love Music Hate Racism’ event coinciding with his gig in Manchester on July 8th, this is the best turn of events ever #VivaLove

Haslam later added that the best result would be for the former Smith’s frontman to “reverse” his recent comments on Robinson.

“The ideal scenario is for Morrissey to reverse his defence of Tommy Robinson, and his support for the far-right For Britain party. And to apologise for claiming black and white people will never get on or like each other…”

Haslam responded to criticism on Twitter from some fans by saying: “I really hope the gigs are NOT cancelled by the way.”

Reacting to the news, Haslam said: “It’s a shame for the fans who made plans to see him, we know what it’s like to be let down by Morrissey. If the dates are rescheduled, we’ll of course be happy once again to provide an alternative event in the city. One that counters Morrissey’s support for Tommy Robinson and the far-right.”

“We have enquires about taking ‘One Nation Under a Groove’ to other cities and will consider this.”

“For now, so glad we raised the issue of Morrissey’s divisive views. No regrets about that at all. These things matter. We 100% believe in countering anyone who spreads division in our community. We believe in #unity #solidarity #music and #love.”

Haslam confirmed that the “One Nation Under A Groove” party would go ahead as planned in Manchester on June 8.

Speaking to NME, Haslam added: “The tide had turned against Morrissey. Defending Tommy Robinson was nonsense. Making childish comments about Sadiq Khan’s accent was just so sad. Britain is braced for protests against Trump’s visit, so it’s not surprising that there have been protests against Morrissey for his politics, which seem more Trump-like every day.”

He added: “Maybe that’s it. I doubt Morrissey will ever tour Europe again.”

Organisers have said that all tickets will be refunded from the point of purchase.