Morrissey is a fan of Smash Mouth, apparently

The two acts recently played a show together in Mexico

Morrissey is a fan of ‘All Star’ hitmakers Smash Mouth, according to the band themselves at least.

The US band recently spoke to Stereogum to mark their 20th anniversary as a band, when they revealed that they once met the former Smiths frontman and that he was “very complimentary” about them.

“We just did a show in Guadalajara, Mexico, the Roxy Fest, with Morrissey, which was super, super cool,” frontman Steve Harwell explained.


Asked if the band met Moz himself, Harwell replied: “Yeah! It was brief. But super weird and cool. He was great.” On whether Morrissey was a Smash Mouth fan, the singer added: “Yeah, he was very complimentary toward us.”

Smash Mouth recently got involved in Corey Taylor’s beef with Chad Kroeger.

Meanwhile, Morrissey was involved in a dispute with Italian police this week following claims that an officer “terrorised” him on the streets of Rome.

Police have refuted the claims. Morrissey had originally alleged in a statement: “This was a deliberate act of terror by this Officer, who had no personal identification, but whose Polizia 113 motor-bike had the plate G2458. I had not broken the law or acted suspiciously. The officer unlocked his gun and held it as he screamed into my face. Some people came to my rescue. This happened outside the Nike store, and many people filmed the obviously insane officer. I believe he recognized me and wanted to frighten me. I did not back down even though I believed he was about to shoot me. I urge people to beware of this dangerously aggressive Officer. He might kill you.”