Morrissey hits back at newspaper “hate piece” and says he is “neither Loony Left nor Far Right”

Singer says he is criticised for "saying some things that many people are actually thinking"

Morrissey has responded to a recent critical newspaper article.

The former Smiths frontman recently launched a new website called Morrissey Central and one of the first posts in the Messages From Morrissey section hits back at an Independent opinion piece, which ran with the headline ‘This Charmless Man: How Morrissey’s Big Mouth Struck Again … And Again’.

The Independent piece detailed the apparent “decline of a once-beautiful artist, who now seems to expect and almost cultivate betrayal”, describing the singer’s views as “ugly” and arguing that “when bigmouth strikes again these days, it can admittedly be hard to stomach”.


In a blog post titled ‘Why The Independent hates independence’, Morrissey has fired back at what he labels “an extreme Hate Piece” that is “so loaded with vile bile that it almost choked on its own endless capacity to be appalled”.

“The importance of an artist (or political figure) is sometimes evident in the efforts taken to silence them,” he argues, suggesting that he has attracted The Independent‘s scorn for “saying some things that many people are actually thinking”.

The Independent’s dog-yapping will to destroy anyone with a view that doesn’t match their own,” Moz says, suggesting a new slogan for the paper: ‘All The Shit That’s Fit To Print’.


Accusing the publication of being “willing to lie to its readers in order to create a skewed truth, and to hell with any principals of justice,” Morrissey then cites what he deems as several inaccuracies in the Independent piece.

Referring to a news story about Glasgow fans allegedly leaving a Morrissey concert after he criticised Nicola Sturgeon, Morrissey asserts that “not one person was known to have left the venue in protest”.


Responding to suggestions of him “loving Brexit”, Moz again denies such an assertion, saying: “I believe I have mentioned Brexit twice in my entire life, and neither comment expressed love. I had explained how Brexit had been a strike for democracy because of the disgust that the political elite had shown towards the people who did not vote the way that they were warned to by media bullies.”

He later adds: “I believe England can look after itself. It does not need the EU to police its laws, its thought, its borders or its liberty. It does not take a genius to arrive at this viewpoint.”

Morrissey also writes: “When the print media are lost for a reply, they simply change the subject by naming their opponent as ‘racist’, which is the perfect ploy because most people are naturally appalled to be called racist, and they step back in silence, and the debate collapses unresolved. Use of the word often only ever comes from people who themselves are intolerant.”

Describing himself as “neither Loony Left nor Far Right,” he adds: “I am a humanitarian. I have not ever once voted in a British election because I have not ever discovered a party that represents my views. My main social concern is the abolition of the abattoir, the continued existence of which in modern times is beyond sane belief.”

“British mainstream media is now so politically correct that basic truth is actually impossible, and although it is obsessed with promoting social diversity they will not accept diverse opinion,” Morrissey goes on to say.

“I have been criticised in the UK for so long (nowhere else!) that anything said about me no longer strikes me as a threat because I am still, after all, here.”

You can read Morrissey’s full blog post here.

In a separate post on the site, Morrissey confirms that he has covered The Pretenders‘ ‘Back On The Chain’. His version will be released this summer.