HMV responds to Morrissey’s ‘sales freeze’ claims

Singer objected to company putting 'one per customer' stickers on The Smiths' 'The Queen Is Dead' single reissue

HMV has responded to Morrissey’s recent claims that the company was trying to “freeze sales” of The Smiths‘ recently reissued single ‘The Queen Is Dead’.

The seminal band reissued the single on 7″ and 12″ vinyl last Friday (June 16) to mark the 31st anniversary of their album of the same name.

Over the weekend (June 18), Morrissey took to Facebook to post a picture of HMV stickers that stated sales of the single are limited to one per customer. The former Smiths frontman said the sticker was “not unlike a Smoking Will Seriously Damage Your Health warning” and called it an “overwhelming insult to The Smiths”.

Morrissey added: “Over thirty years since their death, and the Smiths are still thought too radical for the slow reader! It is evident, to me at least, that music audiences must only feel and think the very same thing at all times. Freud: ‘There is no such thing as an accident.'” Encouraging fans to equip themselves with “seven variable wigs” and other disguises, he said: “we urge you to use them now and buy as many copies ​of The Queen is Dead ​a​t HMV as​ you ​desire.​”

Now HMV has issued a response to Pitchfork, stating that it is common practice to use such stickers for “extremely limited” releases to “prevent bulk buying and on-line resales at inflated prices”.

HMV’s statement reads in full: “Our stores are encouraged to use these stickers where a release is known to be extremely limited in order to prevent bulk buying and on-line resales at inflated prices. This approach gives genuine fans as much chance as possible to find and buy a copy. Over 90% of the allocation we were given across both formats had sold before Morrissey posted his comments on Saturday evening.”

Meanwhile, Russell Brand recently described Morrissey as “hard work”.

Brand said: “Everyone that knows him, even the people you think are as famous to him, really kowtow to him. He’s got some sort of gravitas. People are properly affected by him.”