Morrissey says he would kill “pest” Donald Trump “in the interest of the human race”

"He grabs after everything like a little child. He is not a leader"

Morrissey has said in a new interview that he would kill Donald Trump if he could press a button to do so.

Speaking to German magazine Der Spiegel, the former Smiths frontman said (translated from German): “Trump has received so much attention, especially when compared to other candidates – Bernie Sanders, for example. Although the media said he would not win, every day, all the headlines: Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump!”

“The American media helped Trump, yes, they first created it,” Morrissey went on to say. “Whether they criticise him or laugh at him, he does not care, he just wants to see his picture and his name. The American media have shot themselves in the leg.”

“Since he has been in power, he has exhausted the world,” the singer argued. “He grabs after everything like a little child. He is not a leader. He is a pest.”

President Trump

President Trump

“I never expected him to be elected,” Morrissey continued, saying of Trump’s re-election prospects: “Maybe, I have no faith in the political elite anymore.”

Asked “if there was a button here and if you pressed on it, Trump would die dead – would you push it or not?,” Morrissey replied: “I would, for the safety of the human race. It’s not for my personal opinion of his face, or his life, or his family, but in the interest of the human race. I think he’s a terrible, terrible scourge.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Morrissey commented on the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal, claiming that allegations against Kevin Spacey don’t “sound very credible” and that the actor is being “attacked unnecessarily”.

Garbage’s Shirley Manson has since hit back at Morrissey over the Spacey comments, saying that the singer “has lost the fucking plot”.