Morrissey pays tribute to Civil Rights activist Dick Gregory

"He was a man of thought and a man of action"

Morrissey has paid a heartfelt tribute to American comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory after he died over the weekend.
Gregory rose to fame in the 1960s, where he became known for attacking racism during his stand-up comedy routines.

He was one of the first African-American comedians to regularly perform in front of white audiences, and became the first black performer to be interviewed on The Tonight Show.

Now, Morrissey has hailed Gregory as a “man of action” in a tribute posted on the Facebook page of his nephew.

He knew how all aspects of the human condition connect to politics. He was a man of thought and a man of action, when most of us cannot manage to be just one of either”, Morrissey wrote alongside a photo of the pair together.

“He worked breathlessly – work, words, deeds. He demanded for all what was snatched by the few. He disturbed the White House, and he was too quick for the American print media. They will be pleased that he now ceases to be amongst us … as we are left with earth-threatening Trump, who will race into war in search of peace.”

Other tributes to Gregory came from John Legend, who described him as “a groundbreaker for comedy”.

Morrissey, meanwhile, was recently immortalised on the big screen in biopic ‘England Is Mine’, which was slammed by his friends as “disingenuous” and “rather insulting”.