Goth live (in America) if you want it...

Mortiis, currently touring the US with his grand guignol rock theatrics supporting the slightly more po faced Christian Death, has had his early album ‘Crypt Of The Wizard’ re-released by Earache records, appropriately on October 31.

Originally released in limited quantities between 1996 and 1997, ‘Crypt Of The Wizard’ shows the young Mortiis developing his patented demonic folk muzak. The cover photo shows him at an earlier stage of his development, when he was still dressing from joke shops and still hadn’t developed into the Brian Molko-meets-The Crow mutant who wowed audiences in London last month.

Mortiis‘ US tour has provoked some controversy; a show at Florida State Univertsity in September was cancelled after fears of violence were raised by complaints from students over the “Satanic” nature of the show.

The University’s administration were disturbed by early reports of Mortiis‘ act, which includes simulated abortions, ritual sacrifices and gallons of fake blood.

His latest album ‘The Stargate’ is released in America next week.

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