Mos Def’s album rushed to stores – and recalled again

'Tru3 Magic' has yet to be 'officially' released

The new album from Mos Def has been recalled from stores in a bid to properly launch the album after it was rush-released.

The record, titled ‘Tru3 Magic’, was sent to US record stores on December 29 following an online leak of the material, when his label Geffen tried to limit internet piracy of the record.

The release of the record in the week between Christmas and New Year’s gave little time for the label to promote it and little opportunity for the media to publicise it, after which Geffen then attempted to recall the album.

The plan is now to properly launch the record again in the spring with a different tracklisting, with the label calling the recent launch a limited edition ‘pre-release’, according to MTV News.

The recent release, featuring a just picture disk CD in a blank case, saw the album debut at 151 on the Billboard album charts following sales of over 11,000 copies. However, the re-jigged tracklisting on the second launch means the album can “debut” again when it is properly released.

–By our New York staff.

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