Beyonce is spotted singing the words at the tiny New York show...

DESTINY’S CHILD turned up at MOS DEF‘s gig in NEW YORK last night (July 31).

Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland sat in the balcony of New York’s Bowery Ballroom throughout most of the eclectic set featuring Mos Def‘s rock band, Jack Johnson.

Rumours have been circulating since Knowles and Mos Def worked together on MTV movie ‘Carmen: A Hip-Hopera’ that the two are secretly an item, which is one explanation for her unexpected appearance at the tiny venue.

Knowles sang along during yet-to-be-released Jack Johnson songs, indicating a good degree of familiarity with them.

Along with the usual across-the-board experimentation with rock, hiphop, reggae and soul Mos Def‘s Jack Johnson shows have come to symbolise, the set also saw the star strap on a bass himself for a Bad Brains cover song, as well as a pastiche of the old ‘Batman’ theme song, rewritten as ‘Black Man’.

“One day, I’m gonna be a real musician,” he joked to the crowd, before admitting his nervousness at attempting to play the instrument live.

The members of Jack Johnson also include Living Colour’s Doug Wimbish and Will Calhoun, Bad Brains guitarist Dr. Know, and P-Funk legend Bernie Worrell.

Mos Def seemed aware that some of his core audience wasn’t latching on to his take on hardcore rock and metal meanderings at times, but was quick to explain that no one should have to “live in a box”.

The show was opened by sets from female soul newcomer Res and Mos Def‘s Black Star collaborator, Talib Kweli.

Kweli performed ‘Know That’ fromMos Def‘s ‘Black on Both Sides’, during his set, and also introduced new material from his upcoming album. Later, he returned to the stage to join his partner in rhyme to revisit classic Black Star material.