Mos Def to change his name to ‘Yasiin’ at the end of 2011

Rapper's new moniker means 'Rich' in Arabic

Mos Def has announced that he wishes to retire his stage name at end of this year.

The rapper and actor, whose real name is Dante Smith, has performed under the name Mos Def since he began his music career in 1994 and has opted to be credited by that name when he has starred in major films such as Be Kind Rewind, The Woodsman and The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

However Mos Def has now revealed he wishes to be known by the name Yasiin next year, which means “rich” in Arabic.

According to, the rapper said he wants to change his name as he wishes to “expand and move on” and that his new name is a representation of who he truly is as a person.

Mos Def, who last released a studio album ‘The Ecstatic’ in 2009, has recently been confirmed as joining the cast of long running US TV drama Dexter.