Watch this moshing policeman really get involved at Slipknot tribute band gig

Moment took place during Slipknowt's set at Sixfields Rock Festival in Northampton

A policeman stole the show during a performance by a Slipknot cover band at the weekend.

Newcastle-based tribute act Slipknowt performed at the Sixfields Rock Festival in Northampton, which ran at Collingteree Park from July 7-9.

During the group’s performance of Slipknot song ‘Duality’, an officer from Northamptonshire Police helped the Clown tribute member on percussion duties, hitting his truncheon against a beer barrel. See photos of that below.

A fellow officer told The Northampton Chronicle: “The crowd loved it. It just showed that human side to us, rather than us standing there with our arms crossed. “I think it’s nice for them to see that we are there to enjoy it and to look after them.”

Meanwhile, Corey Taylor recently an update on new music from Slipknot, revealing that the band are ‘slowly but surely’ working on new material. Slipknot’s last album was 2014’s “.5: The Gray Chapter”.

In a recently interview with 97.1 The Eagle, the frontman had news for fans. “I’m a bum you out, we aint’ doing shit right now. I’m just saying, we’re not really doing anything right now,” he said.

“I know we’re kind of slowly starting to write some music, other than that we’re just kinda taking some time off, Clown’s gonna direct some movies, Sid’s gonna do some stuff, we’re all kinda doing our own thing.”

“The next year is kinda everybody doing their own thing, and then probably after that we will slowly but surely start to get together to do some Slipknot stuff.”