Mötley Crüe sue former manager

Band says he cheated them out of huge sums of money

Motley Crue have filed a lawsuit against their former manager.

In the suit filed yesterday (June 11) in Los Angeles Superior Court, the band alleged that Burt Stein and his companies B Entertainment and Gold Mountain Entertainment cheated the band out of large amounts of money by putting his own interests ahead of the quartet’s.

They contend that Stein, who also represented one of the band members individually, intentionally “stalled and obstructed” talks Motley Crue had with music industry representatives about recording a new album and touring in 2008, reports E! Online.

They also allege that Stein arranged conflicting meetings and interfered with a deal the band had with an “exclusive provider” of Motley Crue‘s concerts.

The band are seeking unspecified damages and a court declaration specifying that Stein has no right to receive any commissions from them.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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