Halloween special: What is Nikki Sixx scared of?

Unbelievably even the Motley Crue man gets THE FEAR...

Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx has revealed that even he is scared of something.

Despite a lifetime of rock ‘n’ roll behaviour in which the bassist has probably seen most things, he told NME.COM that even he gets the fear from time to time, particularly when snakes are involved.

“I really don’t like snakes,” he declared. “Don’t fucking like ’em. They’re creepy. I was talking to Slash about this because I got this idea on the Carnival Of Sins Tour for Motley. I wanted to have these girls coming out naked with snakes on them and blowing fire and Slash goes ‘well, you gotta spend time with the snakes’.”

Realising this, Sixx admitted he cooled on the plan a bit.

“I go ‘well, fuck that’, and he goes ‘yeah, you gotta hold em, give ‘em attention’. I’m like, ‘Fuck. Forget it’. So we just settled on the naked girls blowing fire.

“Its fine for other people to hold them but just don’t get that fucking thing near me.”

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