The unlikely pairing of Nikki Sixx and Barry Gibb's son Steven have got a band together...

MVTLEY CRUE bassist NIKKI SIXX has teamed up with BEE GEE BARRY GIBB‘s son STEVEN for his new side project, 58.

The band, which also features a percussion player called Bucket and fourth member David Darling of Boxing Ghandis, tossed a coin to decide who played which instruments and sang lead vocals when recording their debut album, ‘Diet For A New America’, which is released in the States on June 20, the first release on Sixx‘s Americoma label.

He told US website [url=] that they purposely sang out of key and added harmonies “to make it even weirder,” and said their attitude towards the record was “complete reckless abandon”. He concluded: “It was just this experimental thing, then if we got tired of it we would just erase the tape.”

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