Motley Crue are being sued over merchandise rights

Band reportedly didn't secure image rights to farewell tour merch

Motley Crue are being sued over merchandise rights concerning the images used in their farewell tour collection.

Barry Levine and Neil Zlozower claim they took various photos of the band during the 1980s, which have been used across the tour merchandise.

According to Xpose, Levine and Zlozower say they never gave their permission for the pictures to used across T-shirts, vests, flags, stickers and other items. The items went on sale from 2014, during Motley Crue’s last ever tour.


The band played their final show on New Year’s Eve in 2015 at a gig in Los Angeles. The photographers are now suing for a cut of the merchandise profits. Representatives for the band have yet to comment on the suit.

Meanwhile, Motley Crue recently unveiled their own range of sex aids – check out a picture of “the Official Mötley Crüe Collection” above.

The band have joined forces with adult toy manufacturers LoveHoney for the eight-item range of vibrators. Fans can choose from options including the “Girls Girls Girls 10 Function Bullet Vibrator “, the “Too Fast For Love 10 Function Bullet Vibrator” and the “Shout at the Devil 7 Function Vibrator”. Each features typography and imagery familiar from classic Motley Crue album artwork.