Footage of Motörhead’s final ever show surfaces online – watch

Berlin concert capped off 40-year career just two weeks before Lemmy's death

Footage of Motörhead’s last ever gig has surfaced online.

Shot on December 11 in Berlin, the clip features the band performing the track ‘Overkill’ two-and-a-half weeks before Lemmy’s death. The live performance, which you can watch below, capped off a 16-song set which ultimately brought an end to the band’s 40-year career.

The gig was supposed to be the last on the latest leg of Motörhead’s 40th anniversary tour, which was scheduled to resume in Europe in January.


Lemmy passed away on Monday (December 28) just two days after being diagnosed with “an extremely aggressive cancer”.

His health has deteriorated in recent years and a number of festival dates were axed this summer after the singer suffered gastric distress and dehydration. He was also diagnosed with a lung infection later in the year.

Following his death, drummer Micky Dee ruled out any chance of the band returning with a replacement singer. “Motörhead is over, of course,” he told Sweden’s Expressen newspaper. “Lemmy was Motörhead. We won’t be doing any more tours or anything. And there won’t be any more records. But the brand survives, and Lemmy lives on in the hearts of everyone.”

Dee also admitted he had been worried about Lemmy’s health for some time. “He was terribly gaunt, he spent all his energy onstage and afterwards he was very, very tired. It’s incredible that he could even play, that he could finish the Europe tour. It was only 20 days ago. Unbelievable. 

“It feels fantastic that we were able to complete the tour with him. It’s heartening that we didn’t cancel because of Lemmy. I’m incredibly grateful over the years we had, and that we had such a good time together.”


Lemmy’s death occurred weeks after the loss of Dee’s predecessor, original Motörhead drummer Phil Taylor, who died in November, aged 61. Dee replaced Taylor in the band’s line-up in 1992.

Meanwhile, Dave Grohl has also revealed that he recently had a tattoo scribed in memory of Lemmy.