Motörhead to return to stage after Lemmy recovers from ‘lung infection’

Band make their live return in St Louis on Wednesday (September 9)

Motörhead have announced that their tour will continue this week following a batch of recent live cancellations.

The band were forced to cancel a series of shows last week, as well as cut several short, due to frontman Lemmy’s ill health.

Until now, details surrounding Lemmy’s illness had not been revealed. However, the band have confirmed in a statement posted online that the singer was suffering from a lung infection.

The band wrote on Facebook, “The wait is over and the doc has spoken. Lemmy had a lung infection (exacerbated by that Denver altitude) which has now been taken care of.”

“Amidst all the wonderful support Lemmy has received, many have rightfully said he owes us nothing as he has given us everything. We, however, owe Lemmy something… our total respect for his fierce, single-minded and beautifully stubborn determination to continue burning asphalt, playing rock’n’roll and live where he has always been most comfortable – on the road!”

Motörhead have confirmed that they will make their live return in St Louis on Wednesday (September 9).


Lemmy (real name Ian Fraser Kilmister) has experienced a series of health scares recently, suffering a haematoma in 2013.

At the Austin gig, while performing third track ‘Metropolis’, Lemmy stopped mid-song, telling the crowd, “I can’t do it.” He later returned to tell the audience, “You are one of the best gigs in America, and I would love to play for you, but I can’t… So please accept my apologies. Next time, all right?”

Watch the incident below.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Lemmy explained that he often walks with a stick because his “legs are fucked”. He remains defiant, however, calling himself “indestructible” and saying Motörhead will continue for “as long as I can walk the few yards from the back to the front of the stage without a stick”.

He also claimed that he now drinks vodka and orange in place of Jack Daniel’s and Coke – apparently in a bid to combat his diabetes. “I like orange juice better,” he told the newspaper. “So, Coca-Cola can fuck off.”

The veteran hard rock trio plan to tour the UK next year.