Lemmy: ‘John Lennon was the asshole of The Beatles’ – video

Fab Four made the Motorhead man think he could change the world

Lemmy has spoken about how he was inspired by The Beatles, and in particular John Lennon.

Speaking to NME in a video you can watch on the right of your screen now, the Motorhead frontman fondly described Lennon as, “the asshole of the band”. He went on to say how The Beatles made him feel like he could change the world.

The Beatles were massive. They changed the world,” he said. “The generation that was with me, which includes me, we genuinely believed we could make the world better and we failed because the world’s so full of shit.”

Watch the full Lemmy interview on the right now.

Lemmy: The Movie, a documentary which looks in depth at the life and times of the frontman, is in cinemas now.