Motorhead legend to spread anti-drug message

Lemmy has teamed up for the most unlikely collaboration with a Welsh Assembly member

Motorhead legend Lemmy is teaming up with Tory Welsh Assembly Member William Graham for an anti-drugs campaign.

The singer has agreed to share a platform with the south east Wales AM at the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff on Thursday (November 3) before the band play a gig at the city’s University later that evening, reports the BBC.

The move comes after Graham‘s researcher Paul Williams approached Motorhead following a recent Channel 4 documentary, Live Fast Die Old where Lemmy spoke about his hatred of heroin.

Lemmy is taking it incredibly seriously, and his manager says he’s writing a speech,” said Williams.

Graham has been keen to publicise the anti-drugs campaign and he believes it is more likely to reach its target audience via a rock star.

He added: “It is a powerful message, delivered with all the understanding gained from the unique lifestyle Lemmy has pursued. It is a view of life that deserves wider consideration.”