The Foo Fighters mainman reckons the track he's recorded with the Motorhead legend is the "favourite recording I've ever done"...

DAVE GROHL has entered the studio with Motorhead legend LEMMY, with the Foo Fighters vocalist claiming the completed track to be the “favourite recording I’ve ever done”.

Grohl and Lemmy have collaborated on a track titled ‘Shake Your Blood’, which will feature on the new album by Probot, the offshoot metal group formed by Grohl outside of his Foo Fighters commitments.

Writing in his diary on the official Foo Fighters website, www.foofighters.com, Grohl said he considered Lemmy the “coolest person I’ve ever recorded with in my entire life”.

He wrote: “Lemmy. What more is there to say? He is God. He is the reason. He is the last man standing, and no one even comes close. That guy is a true rock n’ roller. Everyone else is just trying. I can’t even begin to explain how fucking life altering a day in the studio with Lemmy really is. He walks in, kicks the shit out of a song, and then he’s gone……like the goddamned Lone Ranger. He is the coolest person I’ve ever recorded with in my entire life.

“If you are a Foo Fighters fan you will love it. I listen to it around 20 times a day. It is my favourite recording I’ve ever done. No question. It’s the party anthem of the new Millennium. Nuff said.”

To see an image of the pair in the studio, [url=]click here.

In other news, Foo Fighters are amongst the bands confirmed to appear at the Winter Olympic Games at Salt Lake City in Utah. The Foo Fighters will perform on February 11 as part of a series of events organised by the Olympic Organising Committee. Other groups expected to appear over the event include Creed, Stone Temple Pilots and Dave Matthews.