The Motorhead legend admits he hasn't been so upset over the death of a musician since Sid Vicious...

Almost a month after his death, tributes are still being paid to GEORGE HARRISON.

The latest has come from rock veteran Lemmy who says he felt the late Beatles ‘s death more keenly than any since Sid Vicious died.

“It’s funny how that hit me,” he told Kerrang. “The last death that affected me was Sid Vicious, cos he never had a fucking chance. But George Harrison really upset me. It was about three days before it really sank in. It was a real shame. He was the best musician in Beatles and in the end he wrote the best songs. While Lennon and McCartney were off doing their personal columns, Harrison was coming out with great stuff.”

Harrison died on November 29 in Los Angeles after a long battle with cancer. He was 57.