Lemmy does a Johnny Rotten for his band's forthcoming album...

Motorhead have covered the SEX PISTOLS’ ‘GOD SAVE THE QUEEN’ for their new album, and singer Lemmy is also considering a part in a film based on the infamous JUDAS PRIEST court case when the parents of a suicidal fan tried to prosecute the group, alleging their songs contained subliminal messages.

The Sex Pistols cover is expected to feature on the band’s new studio LP, which currently has a working title of ‘We Are Motorhead’. The final mix of the album was sent off to the band’s record label in Germany this week, with a release expected sometime in May.

The release of the album also coincides with the band’s 25th anniversary. A UK spokesperson for the band told nme.com that a series of special Motorhead parties were being planned to celebrate the event, with musicians including Primal Scream‘s Bobby Gillespie and Skunk Anansie being tentatively approached to participate in some way.


If Lemmy does choose to take part in the Judas Priest film, it will be based on the events of 1990, when the parents of Raymomd Belknap alleged subliminal messages on the song ‘Better By You, Better By Me’ caused the teenager to make a suicide pact with pal James Vance.

The friends shot each other and Vance survived. Later he claimed they were told to kill themselves in a hidden incantation on the ‘Stained Class’ LP which could only be heard when the record was played backwards.

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