Lemmy and co. are joined onstage in London by a hosts of stars including Brian May and - erm- Samantha Fox...

Motorhead celebrated their 25th anniversary at LONDON ASTORIA at the weekend (October 22) with special guest appearances from Brian May, ACE from SKUNK ANANSIE and former Motorhead member ‘FAST’ EDDIE CLARKE.

The three jammed with the band on ‘Overkill’ the last song of the special anniversary concert.

The night before the Motorhead concert, frontman Lemmy was reunited on the same stage with Hawkwind – 25 years after being sacked from the band for his notorious drug consumption.

Lemmy played bass as the band ran through old favourites like ‘Psychedelic Warlords’ and ‘Ejection’ with a little help from ex-topless model girl and failed rock singer Sam Fox. She rubbed herself up and down Lemmy‘s body and at one point changed the lyrics to ‘Master Of The Universe’ to ‘I’m the mistress of the universe’.