The legendary Mvtorhead frontman promises the book will contain plenty of hellraising stories...

Motorhead frontman Lemmy is in the process of completing his autobiography, ‘WHITE LINE HIGHWAY’, with a view to releasing it next year.

The rocker told nme.com the book will follow his life from birth through to his Mvtorhead days.

Lemmy has promised the book will contain more than its fair share of hellraising stories. Speaking about memories the book has inspired, he said: “I stayed up for two weeks once. “It was back in ’67 and I had taken a lot of illegal substances, and during that time I consumed only two blackcurrant yoghurts and two individual blackcurrant pies. I actually felt all right so I went down to this club and ran into a friend of mine and said hello. She screamed at the garbled mess that came out of my mouth as my nerves had completely gone between my brain and my mouth. The lines had gone down, so I decided to go home and get some sleep.”


Prior to the book’s release, Mvtorhead will headline the Guildford Festival on July 28 alongside Cay, Terrorvision and Rolf Harris.

When asked if there are any plans for Lemmy to team up with Harris at the festival, he said: “Why would I? We might ask him to put a wobble board on ‘Overkill’ though. Anyway, what he is he going to do there, tell us a story?”

Three days after their festival appearance, Mvtorhead release the single ‘God Save The Queen’ from their latest album, ‘We Are Mvtorhead’.

There are also plans afoot to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary with shows featuring every one who has ever been in the group.

To find out more about Lemmy‘s fiendish plans to mark the band’s quarter-century, see this week’s NME, in the shops throughout the UK today (July 5).