Motorhead announce details of ‘Clean Your Clock’ live album and DVD taken from their final tour

The album will be out on May 27

Motorhead have announced a live album and DVD recorded during two German shows on their final tour, in November 2015.

The albums will be taken from shows that took place at the Zenith in Munich, with recordings from both the November 20 and November 21 dates. As well as the CD and DVD formats, the release will come as a double LP and as a special boxset edition, the latter of which will come with a Motorhead medal.

The official synopsis reads:


“They were the Kings of the Road. They lived on it. They loved it and the fans loved them!”

“Never was the spirit of Motörhead more alive than when they were on tour, shake, rattle and rolling audiences to within an inch of their lives thanks to that indomitable cocktail of power, purpose and head-crunching volume. In fact, after four decades of bone-pulverizing duty, Motörhead were still enjoying sold-out gigs worldwide.”

Full details of the release, which will launch on May 27, can be found here.


Motorhead disbanded shortly after frontman Lemmy Kilmister passed away at the age of 70 in late December last year, from cancer. Drummer ‘Mikkey Dee’ confirmed the band are “over” shortly after Lemmy’s death.

Lemmy’s death occurred weeks after the loss of Dee’s predecessor, original Motörhead drummer Phil Taylor, who died in November 2015, aged 61. Dee replaced Taylor in the band’s line-up in 1992.

Motörhead were formed by Lemmy (real name Ian Fraser Kilmister) in 1975. Prior to that he had been a member of Hawkwind but was asked to leave after being arrested on drug charges. Prior to joining Hawkwind in 1972, Lemmy was a roadie for Jimi Hendrix. Motörhead would go on to release 20 studio albums, their most recent being ‘Bad Magic’ in August of this year.


The full track listing for ‘Clean Your Clock’ will be as follows:

‘(Live Intro)’
‘Stay Clean’
‘When the Sky Comes Looking for You’
‘Over the Top’
‘(Guitar Solo)’
‘The Chase Is Better Than the Catch’
‘Lost Woman Blues’
‘Rock It’
‘Doctor Rock Pt 1’
‘(Drum Solo)’
‘Doctor Rock Pt 2’
‘Just ‘Cos You Got the Power’
‘No Class’
‘Ace of Spades’
‘Whorehouse Blues’