Motorhead member says he dreams of Lemmy asking him for cigarettes

The band's iconic frontman passed away last year

Former Motorhead member Phil Campbell says, nearly a year after his death, he still thinks about frontman Lemmy Kilmister all the time.

The iconic frontman died on December 28, 2015. He had been diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer two days earlier and it was this, along with cardiac arrhythmia and congestive heart failure, that were cited on his death certificate as the cause of death.

Speaking to Planet Rock, Campbell said: “He’s in my mind all the time, like. I can’t get to sleep some nights because he’s fucking asking me for cigarettes, things like that.”


The guitarist also reminisced on his audition with the band in 1984 in another interview. “When I went into the audition it was only a small room,” he told One On One With Mitch Lafon. “A roadie gave Lemmy his bass, he turned the volume up and strummed the first chord.

“I just thought: ‘Bloody hell, this is loud’. And I kind of enjoyed it. We’d be having volume games ever since.

He added: “It was daunting, but I was up for the job. I was capable, I thought. I had a bit of luck on my side on that day. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

Motorhead split up after Kilmister’s death, with Campbell focusing on the band he plays in with three of his own sons, The Bastard Sons.

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