Motörhead’s Mikkey Dee says it’s “pure wrong” he and Phil Campbell have been snubbed by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The members from the band's original line-up are the only Motörhead musicians to be recognised in the nomination

Motörhead drummer Mikkey Dee has said that it’s “pure wrong” that both he and guitarist Phil ‘Wizzo’ Campbell have not been recognised in the band’s nomination for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Motörhead are among the longlist of artists to be nominated for entry into the Hall Of Fame in 2020, with the likes of Nine Inch Nails, The Notorious B.I.G. and Todd Rundgren also being recognised in “The Class of 2020”.

This is the first time that Motörhead have been nominated for the honour but, if successful, only the three late members of the band’s original line-up — Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke (who left the band in 1982) and Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor (who left in 1984 before returning between 1987-1992) — will be inducted.


Dee, who played with Motörhead from 1992 up until Lemmy’s death in 2015, has now spoken about the nomination in an interview with Billboard. While he said that the band were worthy of their nod “because of the inspiration on thousands of bands” that they’ve had, Dee also said that the fact that he and Campbell have been left out is “pure wrong”.

Motorhead members Lemmy tribute shows
Phil Campbell, Lemmy and Mikkey Dee

“That is pure wrong, I would say, and I know Phil will be very disappointed, too,” Dee stated. “We’ve been carrying the flag for 25 years together, and actually brought Motörhead to what it was. We did 25 years out of the 40.

“The original band lasted just a few years. They started it off, but as Lemmy said himself they wouldn’t have lasted another six months doing that lineup. I don’t think we would’ve been where we are today without the 25 years we spent touring.”

However, Dee says he and Campbell will “absolutely” attend the induction ceremony to represent Motörhead if they are successfully nominated.

“I think that’s a must. Phil and me have to attend – and play there, of course. It would be a real honour.”


Music fans can vote for which acts should be inducted in 2020 via the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame website here. The final list of inductees will be announced in January before the ceremony on May 2 in Cleveland, Ohio.