Motörhead’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination amended to include Mikkey Dee and Phil Campbell

After outcry by Dee and Motörhead fans

Motörhead’s nomination for a 2020 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has been amended to include drummer Mikkey Dee and guitarist Phil ‘Wizzo’ Campbell, who were previously excluded from the initial nomination.

The nominations for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2020 were announced last week, with first-time nominee Motörhead named alongside Depeche Mode, Notorious B.I.G., Whitney Houston and Nine Inch Nails, among others.

The Motörhead line-up recognised in the nomination left out Dee – who had played with the band from 1992 till Lemmy Kilmister’s death in 2015 – and Campbell, who was a member from 1984 till 2015. In an interview with Billboard, Dee had called their exclusion “pure wrong”. “We’ve been carrying the flag for 25 years together, and actually brought Motörhead to what it was,” he said. “We did 25 years out of the 40.”


Motörhead also called for Dee and Campbell to be recognised. “Some very important names have been missed out,” Motörhead wrote on social media on October 16. “Lem wouldn’t ‘dig it’!”

Now, the Rock Hall has recognised Dee and Campbell as part of Motörhead’s nomination. “Thanks to everyone who spoke up loudly,” the band wrote on social media. “Thanks to the #ROCKHALL2020 for listening and adding Phil and Mikkey. All for one and one for all!”

As Rolling Stone notes, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has not made an official announcement, but Dee and Campbell have been added to the band’s biography on the Rock Hall website.


Voting for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2020 is currently underway. Fans can vote via Google here. The final list of inductees will be announced in January 2020, and the ceremony will take place in Cleveland, Ohio on May 2, 2020.