Follow up single, album and jeans ad from Mr. Oizo...

FLAT ERIC creator Mr. Oizo, aka Quentin Dupieux, releases his debut album ‘Analog Worms Attack’ on October 11 on PIAS Recordings/F Communications.

The album will be followed in November by a new single ‘Flat 55’ which will soundtrack the brand new Levis/Flat Eric ads which are now being screened on TV.

The new single follows’ Dupieux‘s March number one hit ‘Flat Beat’ which launched Flat Eric onto an unsuspecting public.


Levis will again screen a series of Flat Eric ads to promote their sta-prest range of clothing. The ads will feature the yellow puppet along with his mysterious friend Angel.

Dupieux was encouraged to get into music by labelmate Laurent Garnier after the two collaborated on ‘Nightmare Sandwhiches’ a film to accompany Garnier‘s 1997 album ’30’.

Meanwhile, Laurent Garnier is releasing a new single ‘Sound Of The Big Babou’ on August 30 on PIAS Recordings/F Communications.

His new album ‘Unreasonable Behaviour’ is released in January 2000 and the artist Laurent Garnier will embark on a UK DJ tour in September.

A witty post-modern deconstruction of the notion of celebrity or only a fucking glove puppet? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst…

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