This story is best summed up in the headline but we have to put stuff here - because it's the rules...

The competition is now closed.

The odd one out from the following Kermit, Tiny Clanger, La La, Great Uncle Bulgaria and Dougal is La La because it’s the only one which has a BBC fool inside running around like a two year and getting paid for it.

The following all win a Flat Eric keyring:

Joseph Oxley, St.Helens, Heidi Pearson, Marston Green, Birmingham Dan McCarthy, Beaconside, Stafford Glenn Barton, Sutton, Surrey Romilly Eveleigh, Iffley fields, Oxford Claire Chambers, Walton Liverpool John Gatley, Pensby, Merseyside James Shelton, Tring, Herts Mark M Furnace, Paisley Siriol Griffiths, Rhiwbeina, Cardiff Andy Williams, Brighton Phillip Carter, Frome, Somerset James Kerr, Plymouth Nikki Chick, Fakenham,Norfolk Dave Hope, Crawley Sandra Inston, Telford, Shropshire Adam Brown, Blackpool, Lancs