She speaks out at a tribute concert to the two black teenagers murdered on New Year's Day...

Ms Dynamite has issued a rallying call for peace at a tribute concert for murdered BIRMINGHAM teenagers CHARLENE ELLIS and LETISHA SHAKESPEAR, saying “a miracle” is needed to bring about change.

Speaking at Villa Park on Sunday (January 19), she also branded the Home Secretary David Blunkett “irresponsible” and “misguided” for blaming the rise in gun culture on rap lyrics.

Talking about the shooting of 18-year-old Charlene and Letisha, 17, after a New Year party, she said: “As a young black woman, I am very touched in a negative way by the recent events. I needed to be here today to show my support. I know it’s going to take miracles to bring change.

“We need to see miracles, we need people to act. I would like to change the way that young black people are seen and how we treat each other.”

Ms Dynamite, who performed alongside Beverley Knight at the concert, added: “I am here to give my support and convey through songs the sentiment and feeling of the local and wider community. The Home Secretary has been irresponsible and misguided by picking on music. He is not qualified to speak about the messages in hip-hop – I am sure he does not have too many hip-hop records in his house.”