The award-winning star says she "has a responsibility to young people"...

Ms Dynamite has said she would love to get into politics, claiming: “You might see Ms Dynamite as a politician soon”.

Speaking last night (December 19) on BBC’s Newsnight current affairs programme, she said: “I’ve got a responsibility I feel to young people, but that’s my only responsibility.”

The 21-year-old Mercury Music Prize and treble-MOBO winner said: “The connotations that come with the word ‘politics’ – to me as a young person – are… basically middle-class, rich, white men that don’t give a damn about what we’re going to think. And I don’t mean that as in ‘we’ as a black person, I mean that as ‘we’ as young people.

“If you said to young people, on the other hand, are you interested in the way in which the world is run? Are you interested in this particular thing about education, or this about the NHS or this about whatever, they’ll tell you ‘Yes’. I think young people are very, very interested in the way that the world is run.”

Asked why politicians are failing to engage young people, she said: “I don’t feel that there’s anyone in the cabinet at all that I think I can relate to or that relates to me – there’s no-one… I don’t think that all politicians are terrible people and they just don’t give a damn at all, but what I do think is that they don’t really listen to young people. They don’t actually listen to how we’re affected every day, and even if they do, they don’t really stick their neck out to do anything about it.”