According to the UK tabloids, the Leicester Square event was due to be attended by the likes of Mis-Teeq and Ms Dynamite...

An MTV nightclub party celebrating the fifth anniversary of

R&B show ‘THE LICK’ was cancelled last night (May 5) after fears that violent crime would mar the event in LONDON.

The party at the Equinox nightclub in Leicester Square was to be hosted by Trevor Nelson and, according to UK tabloid newspapers, was due to be attended by stars Ms Dynamite, Mis-Teeq and So Solid Crew‘s Lisa Maffia.


Police received a tip-off and advised the club owners and MTV to cancel the event.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “We have received several pieces of specific information in relation to this one event. The information related to a group of people intending to commit violent crime at this particular event.

“The club owners, at police request, agreed to cancel the event and close the club on the evening in question.”

The decision to cancel the event comes after a shooting outside the London club Turnmills in April.

A 26-year-old man, Jason Fearon, was shot dead outside the venue and another man was wounded at the Twice As Nice club night in the early hours of Easter Monday (April 21).

Trevor Nelson, who also DJs for BBC Radio 1, said he would not host any more large events because of the threat of “gun crime”.


He added: “It’s an ongoing gang war or something in London and there may be people around there. When you do something in London, Birmingham or Manchester you tend to attract problems because they have gun crime.”

“Every single event I do now to over 2,000 people in London, Birmingham or Manchester… I won’t put them on now,” Nelson told BBC Radio Five Live.

The first party held for the fifth anniversary of The Lick was held in Leeds on Sunday (May 4) and had police officers and metal detectors on the door.

The 2,200 tickets for the party in Leicester Square were sold out four weeks ago.