The female sensation says she's "bored" with the songs on her debut album 'A Little Deeper'...

Ms Dynamite wants the follow-up to ‘A LITTLE DEEPER’ to feature “club bangers more than mellow chill-out”.

The female sensation is thinking of ideas for her second album proper, which could be out late next year. She said she’s now “bored” with the songs on her current album, and is keen to get back in the studio.

“I am so bored of my own songs,” she told Radio 1. “I just wanna make a new album and then just make another album.

“What I’m gonna make is an album called ‘A Little Darker’. It’s gonna have more kinda up tempo stuff, so definitely some garage on there, you know, really kinda grindy hip-hop. Club bangers more than mellow chill-out. I don’t think I’ve found where my potential is yet.”