The star gives a speech in London...

Ms Dynamitehas been added to the list of guest speakers at this weekend’s URBAN MUSIC SEMINAR in LONDON.

The Mercury Music Prize winner will join names like Damon Dash and Dizzee Rascal at the annual forum to address the future of urban music in the UK.

Ms Dynamite sits on the ‘Artist Panel’ at 5pm on Sunday (September 21). She will be joined by JD, Tommi, Lemar, Jamieson, Javine, Jay Sean and members of Heartless Crew and Big Brovaz.

The free event takes place at the Royal Festival Hall. The event was launched in 1998 as a way to inform and educate young people who wish to work in the music industry.

Other names linked to the event include Adam F and Kele Le Roc. Further information can be found at [url=]urbanmusicseminar.co.uk.