The star is ready for ’Judgement Day’…

Ms Dynamite has revealed all about her ’JUDGEMENT DAY’ comeback.

It’s been nearly three years since the Mercury Prize winner released debut ‘A Little Deeper’, but the singer hasn’t been wasting her time.

As well as giving birth to a son and setting up a record label with her brother called Inner State, the star has been collaborating with from R&B producer Chink Santana, dancehall heavyweight Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden (Sean Paul) and Swedish producers Bloodshy for her second album.

With the record’s title track ‘Judgement Day’ also expected to be her new single, Dynamite told NME.COM it’s a very personal song.

“The song is about taking responsibility for myself and for my actions,” she said. “I feel like as human beings we’re really lazy and we can be very selfish, like ‘Fuck it, i’ll just do what I want’ and not even bother to deal with the consequences. And I’m totally guilty of that myself but I just feel like I’ve come to a point where I see things differently.”

She added: “I guess being a mum has given me some kind of perspective, I feel more able to see the stuff that’s important. I’m much more aware of the things I do, how they affect other people. But the song is as much to myself as it is to society.”

The album is due on October 3.