Mudvayne announce reunion shows after extended hiatus

The band went on hiatus in 2010

Heavy metal band Mudvayne have announced their return following an extended hiatus, playing four shows over the course of the year.

The band went on hiatus in 2010, a year after the release of their fifth studio album, which was self-titled. Since then, vocalist Chad Gray has been fronting the band Hellyeah, of which Mudvayne guitarist Greg Tribbett is a former member.

The band will play at US festivals Inkcarceration in Ohio, Louder Than Life in Kentucky, Aftershock in California and Welcome To Rockville in Florida, all organised by Danny Wimmers Presents. The festivals are currently scheduled between September and November.


In a statement provided to Metal Hammer, Danny Wimmers said Mudvayne were one of the most requested acts by fans and they have “been working for years to make this happen”.

“We sat down for dinner with Mudvayne, their lawyer Eric German, manager Diony Sepulveda and agent Ryan Harlacher – the band hadn’t even been in the same room together for 10 years – and pleaded our case for why the time was right for this to happen,” Wimmers said.

“We were hoping to announce this in 2020, we’re fortunate enough to be able to do it in 2021, and DWP is super pumped to have Mudvayne exclusively at all four of our festivals this year.”

Wimmers said they initially intended to announce the shows in 2020. A year prior to that, bassist Ryan Martinie discussed a possible reunion during an interview with Metal Sucks.

“Man, there’s always talk. Which is a good thing. I’m fortunate enough that the thing that we made together still garners some kind of interest from our fans and for those people who may have wanted to see us and never got to. There’s still kind of the ‘man, are they gonna do it?’,” Martinie said.

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