Frightened Rabbit accuse Mumford and Sons of ‘shovelling the same old shit’

Scottish band slate 'Babel' and dismiss comparisons between the two bands

Frightened Rabbit have claimed that they “hate” Mumford and Sons, accusing the band of “shovelling the same old shit” on their second album ‘Babel’.

Scott Hutchinson of the Scottish folk rockers, who release new album ‘Pedestrian Verse’ in February, spoke to Spin about his band and their rising success in America. When the interviewer compared Frightened Rabbit to bands such as Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers, the band’s frontman appeared put out but attempted to be polite, stating: “Melodically, there are things we have in common with those bands, but I’m not sure we have embraced the entire aesthetic of Mumford and Sons.”

Continuing: “The things we share are a life-affirming aspect in spite of darker lyrical content, and the music comes alive at shows and stuff, but I hope that the new record pulls us away from that world. It’s a slightly frustrating comparison because I don’t hate those bands but I don’t aspire to be like them in any way.

However, when the interviewer revealed that they prefer Frightened Rabbit to Mumford and Sons, Hutchinson opened up and revealed his true feelings for the band and their 2012 album. “I was trying to be very diplomatic but I fucking hate that band and don’t want to be associated with them. I thought the first record did something that I appreciated, but with the second they were just shoveling the same shit. And that’s one of the reasons we’re trying to separate ourselves, because it’s a huge insult to someone who’s invested in the band to give them more of the same.”

It was recently confirmed that Mumford and Sons will perform at the 2013 Grammy Awards. The Black Keys and Rihanna will also be performing at this year’s Grammy Awards. Fun. and Taylor Swift will also be taking to the stage at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on February 11.

Mumford and Sons appeared alongside Bob Dylan and The Avett Brothers at the ceremony in 2011.

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