Mumford & Sons to go electronic on next album?

Singer Marcus Mumford suggests the band may use synthesizers on album number three

Mumford and Sons could ditch the banjos for some synthesizers on their next album, according to front man Marcus Mumford.

The London-based band have enjoyed huge success in 2012 thanks to their Number One second album ‘Babel’, which saw the band hone their now trademark folk-rock sound.

However, lead singer Marcus Mumford has told Style Magazine that the band plan on changing things up on their third album, and revealed that they are considering going in a new electronic direction.


He said: “We’ve always done what feels good, rather than what we’ve thought long and hard about, and we’ll do whatever feels soulful next, whether that’s with an electric guitar or a synthesizer.”

“It’s dangerous for us to talk about what we’ve been discussing for the third album, but we do have greater ambitions not to just stay within certain sonic confines,” added band member Ben Lovett. “We’re not going to be the band that stands for folk music or organic music.”

Earlier this month (December 6), banjo player Winston Marshall told NME that the band had already begun working on new songs despite only releasing their second album, ‘Babel’, in September of this year. He said: “Will we wait years for the next album? Fuck, no. We’ve just started working on new songs, got a rehearsal studio. They’re bones of songs, but really exciting bones. Sturdy bones.”

One artist who could fit in if the band decide to go down the electronic route is Outkast‘s Big Boi. The rapper recently revealed that he was planning on collaborating with Mumford & Sons.

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