Mumford & Sons: ‘We’re always forgetting our lyrics’

Band also speak about supporting Arcade Fire at Hyde Park

Mumford and Sons have revealed that they constantly forget their lyrics when they’re performing live onstage.

The band, who recently performed in front of a huge crowd on the Other Stage at Glastonbury said despite a heavy touring schedule over the last few years, they still often make mistakes when the pressure is on.

“Forgetting words is the worst, it happens a lot, especially when we do live television,” lead singer Marcus Mumford told Q. “Of course we get nervous, [and there’s a lot of] shaking, panic attacks, sweating a lot, crying a little bit, a desperate need for the toilet.”

The band are due to support Arcade Fire at Hyde Park this Thursday (June 30).
“With these giant shows I always feel the first few rows aren’t real,” he added. “There’s an ecstasy that happens when you’re in the front rows of a gig, it doesn’t matter who’s onstage, it’s always a frenzy and you’re squashed and you’re probably quite drunk so that’s not the reality.

“So if you can engage the furthest person back, then you can get everyone else to engage.”