Mumford And Sons unveil second album plan – video

Band continue to road-test new material for 'Sigh No More' follow-up in the US

Mumford and Sons have laid out their intentions for the follow-up to their million selling debut ‘Sigh No More’.

In a video interview you can watch by scrolling down now, singer Marcus Mumford said the band are continuing to roadtest their new album ahead of their forthcoming railroad tour of the US, which kicks off later this week (April 21).

“It’s nice because we like to keep the live thing going because that’s the thing we love the most and we’re not the kind of band that can close ourselves off for a year to make this masterpiece record,” he told Rolling Stone.

“We’ve pieced it [the album] together from ideas we’ve had in soundchecks and songs that we’re writing at the time,” he added.

“We really find it helpful to play the songs live so this is the best preparation to record our new album.”

The band recently revealed that they’ve already written six new songs for the follow-up to their 2009 debut and they are planning to record their new album before the end of the year.