Marcus Mumford says he has ‘contingency plan to become a teacher or farmer’ if music career fails

Mumford & Sons frontman describes how he 'still sort of feels like this is going to stop tomorrow'

Mumford and Sons‘ Marcus Mumford has discussed life after the band in a new interview.

Despite recently teaming up with a Kanye West affiliate on a hip-hop project, the singer has described himself as “still surprised” that he earns a money through music and said that he has “contingency plans” for a post-band non-musical occuptaion.

“I’m still not convinced this is my job,” the frontman recently told The Big Issue. “I’ve still got contingency plans at the back of my head, before every tour, about becoming a teacher or a farmer”.

Mumford continued: “I definitely have some sort of arrested development in terms of my psychology in terms of my career, where I still sort of feel like this is going to stop tomorrow.”

NMERoss Gilmore/NME

Earlier this year, Marcus Mumford revealed that he was working on a hip-hop project with the producer behind Kanye West and Jay Z’s ‘No Church In The Wild’.

Mumford told NME that he is learning to “chop up beats” with producer and rapper 88-Keys. “I went to that Kanye gig in London recently, and I grew up listening to Jurassic 5 and Nas,” Mumford says of his love of hip-hop.

“I’ve been getting into that again recently. I’ve been hanging out with an amazing guy called 88-Keys to learn how to chop up beats. That’s really fun for me. I don’t really care about how we’re seen right now, because I think the story of this band will be a long one. People are always going to say stuff in the moment, but I hope that the arc of the band will be interesting.”

88-Keys later told NME of the project: “I can tell you what it’s going to sound like, it’s going to sound dope as fuck… [Mumford] obviously brings a lot to the table as well. The masses obviously love what he does. Not to sound cliché but I would say that the possibilities are endless”.

Mumford & Sons headline Reading And Leeds festivals weekend, previously describing the honour as “a dream come true, even if [fans] chuck shit at us”. The band also revealed that they bottled Good Charlotte at the festival during their youth.