Mumford And Sons: ‘We were banished from studio by producer’

London folk band also announce intimate London gig and video premiere

Mumford and Sons have told NME.COM how their producer Markus Dravs threw them out of the studio after realising the band didn’t own their own instruments.

Frontman Marcus Mumford explained how Dravs, who has produced the band’s debut album ‘Sigh No More’, released on October 5, “cracked the whip” during recording sessions.

“The first time we walked into the studio he was like “Ted [Dwane, bassist], where’s your bass?!” Ted goes “Er, I don’t have one…” and Markus is like, ‘Leave the studio, and don’t come back until you have a bass’,” he explained, adding, “It was about time we did [buy instruments]”.


Despite the initial setback, Mumford was full of praise for Dravs‘ overall role in making the album.

“He’s one of my heroes. He’s done some amazing stuff with Bjork and just finished The Maccabees‘ album before he started working with us,” he explained. “We met up with Markus and discussed quite thoroughly what our intentions were and what his intentions were. At first he wasn’t sure how he’d fit into the project but he was in the gym listening to our songs – he’s a bit of a gym freak – and after that he said ‘Right guys, we can do this’.”

Meanwhile, Mumford and Sons will preview material from ‘Sigh No More’ at an intimate gig at London‘s Borderline on August 24.

The show will also give fans the chance to see the video for lead single ‘Little Lion Man’, which is released on September 28.