Marcus Mumford describes Mumford & Sons name as ‘a ballache’, says he considered changing it

"If I'd known, I would have wanted to call it anything other than my last name," frontman says

Marcus Mumford has admitted that he regrets naming his band Mumford & Sons and even considered changing the moniker.

The band’s new album ‘Wilder Mind’ comes out on May 4, following on from 2009’s ‘Sigh No More’ and 2012’s ‘Babel’. It was recorded at Air Studios, London and produced by James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Haim, Florence + The Machine). A number of the new songs were written at Aaron Dessner of The National’s studios in Brooklyn, New York and see the band moving into more traditional rock territory and not using the banjo.

The group’s new sound has been accompanied by a new look with the members now wearing tailored suits and leather jackets on stage. Keyboard player Ben Lovett admitted to NME that he is not a fan of the way he and his bandmates looked in the past. “I think it would be fair to say that we’ve noticed that in some of our old photos we look like absolute idiots,” he said. “There were so many car crashes. We look like us in our photos now. I don’t even want to describe how we used to look.”


However, Mumford is adamant that the change in look was not calculated. He stated: “We didn’t sit down and say, ‘Let’s wear leather guys’. Over an eight-year period you behave differently. You go to different places, you probably have different friends. You wear different clothes. We didn’t hire a stylist and say, ‘Let’s rebrand ourselves.'”

Similarly, admitted to having misgivings about the band’s name. “I definitely regret the band name. If I’d known it was going to go this way I would have wanted to call it anything other than my last name,” he said. “It’s a ball-ache. We thought about changing it but it’s a bit late now.”

Ben Lovett previously told NME that the band’s change in sound is a “natural departure”. The band have already shared the single ‘Believe’ and played the album in full at intimate fanclub shows in London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Toronto and New York over the past month.

Meanwhile, Marcus Mumford has revealed that he is working on a hip-hop project with the producer behind Kanye West and Jay Z’s ‘No Church In The Wild’.