Mumford & Sons discuss progress on their new album

Mumford & Sons have revealed that they have six new songs ready for their new album – but will be taking their time to make it ‘great’.

Speaking to NME for this week’s cover story ahead of their Latitude festival takeover, said that they’d be playing six or so new tracks on their upcoming summer tour – and the reaction to them will shape the follow-up to ‘Wilder Mind’.

“We all feel slightly different about the next album,” guitarist Winston Marshall told NME, “but I feel like we’ve got a really good chunk of the record done, although there’s still a lot more to do. If you’re going to write an album of 10 songs, our attitude is that you need to write 30 and choose 10 f**king good ones. We could probably put out a not-so-good album right now, but it’s better to wait and put out a great one.”


Mumford and Sons

‘Frontman Marcus Mumford continued: “We’ve been playing a couple of new songs a night on this tour, and we’ve gone back to the mentality we had when we first started out, when every song was new to the audience and we’d get away with experimenting on them almost every night – working out what wasn’t quite right, which lyrics didn’t work, how 60 people in a pub reacted to certain things.

“That was always part of our writing process, but on ‘Wilder Mind’ we kind of changed that mentality – we wrote it less on the road and more in the studio. People can share songs online so much more easily these days, so that experimentation is a little riskier than before, but we try not to be too precious about it.”

Mumford & Sons also told NME that their last album was ‘more of a statement’ than they intended and ‘difficult’ for their fans.

The band are set to headline this year’s Latitude Festival next weekend alongside the 1975 and Fleet Foxes.