Watch Mumford & Sons perform three new songs at Sziget Festival 2018

'See A Sign', 'Woman' and 'Guiding Light' all got their live debuts

Mumford & Sons took to the Sziget stage last night (August 11) to debut three brand new songs.

The Marcus Mumford-fronted group headlined the Budapest fest, performing new tracks ‘See A Sign’, ‘Woman’ and ‘Guiding Light’ from their hotly anticipated fourth full-length. Opening with ‘See A Sign’, which saw them continue down the arena-rock path of last LP ‘Wilder Mind’.

‘Woman’, which you can hear at 39:49 in the stream below, is a brooding, electronics-led number, framed around a clipped drum machine and spacey synths, while ‘Guiding Light’ (1:08:30) saw the band return to the folk-ier roots of their first two full-lengths.

Watch Mumford & Sons’ full Sziget headline set below.

“We all feel slightly different about the next album,” guitarist Winston Marshall told NME last year, “but I feel like we’ve got a really good chunk of the record done, although there’s still a lot more to do. If you’re going to write an album of 10 songs, our attitude is that you need to write 30 and choose 10 f**king good ones. We could probably put out a not-so-good album right now, but it’s better to wait and put out a great one.”

Mumford & Sons also told NME that their last album was ‘more of a statement’ than they intended and ‘difficult’ for their fans.

Last week, a photo of Mumford & Sons in the studio with right-wing academic Jordan Peterson sparked a Twitter backlash. Peterson has previously said – amongst other inflammatory statements – that “the idea that women were oppressed throughout history is an appalling theory”, that Islamophobia is “a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons”, and that white privelige is a “Marxist lie”.

Meanwhile, Mumford and Sons will soon be appearing in a collaboration of a different political bent. The band are due to appear on a new album by Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, along with Killer Mike of Run The Jewels and the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and GZA.