Mumford & Sons: ‘We regret our rubbish band name’

'You never really think about it when you're in the pub'

Mumford & Sons‘ frontman Marcus Mumford has said that he regrets the band’s name – going as far to dub it as ‘rubbish’.

The alt-folk singer was appearing on Radio X when Chris Moyles started to tease him for their choice of moniker.

“I regret our band name,” he said. “It’s rubbish. It’s a rubbish name.”

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Mumford continued: “You never really think about it when you’re in the pub, you’ve done your first rehearsal, you’ve written your first song and someone’s like: ‘you need a band name now’.”

Meanwhile, Mumford & Sons have been confirmed to play a special charity gig for War Child with Keane’s Tom Chaplin at their new venue the Omeara on Thursday 22 November.

“There’s a bit of trying to stop the demise of London venues,” Mumford’s Ben Lovett told NME about setting up the Omeara. “It’s exciting to try and come up with something that’s at that club level where a band potentially has their defining moment like, ‘Smash that gig and then you’re on your way!’ Culturally, London’s been falling slightly behind places like Manchester, Leeds, and Brighton. When I was a teenager growing up in London, it had an element of trashy edginess that let you be a bit more expressive and rebellious.”